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New Build SAP Calculation Blackburn

New Build Design SAP Calculations Leyland | Built SAP Calculation Leyland

A SAP Calculation Leyland for a new build dwelling will involve of 2 main stages.
New Build Design SAP Calculations Leyland - The intended design for the dwelling which is agreed between the SAP assessor and the client. This design once agreed needs to be followed all the way through to the completion stage. Any proposed changes to the design need to be checked with the SAP Assessor prior to them being carried out. This is to avoid any unnecessary remedial work having to be carried out to ensure that the dwelling will comply with building regulations. More details on the requirements for new builds can be found in Approved Document L1A

As Built SAP Calculation Leyland and Energy Performance Certificate Leyland - The updated SAP calculation Leyland which reflects exactly how the dwelling was constructed. When this has been determined the Energy Performance Certificate Leyland can be lodged.