Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Energy Performance Certificate

When constructing a new dwelling an energy assessment is required to demonstrate compliance with building regulations. This assessment will also show the overall energy efficiency of the dwelling and acts as a guide to house buyers and tenants when looking at properties.

Energy Performance Certificates can only be produced by someone who is a registered member of a Government approved accreditation scheme. This is to ensure all EPC's are produced by suitably qualified individuals.

In the case of a new build the Energy Performance Certificate is produced at the end of construction when it has been established that the new dwelling complies with building regulations and all other requirements of the SAP Calculation.

The Energy Performance Certificate and Final As Built SAP Calculation can only be produced when the following conditions are met:

1, Air Tightness Test has been carried out.

2, Heating system has been fully commissioned.

3, Accredited construction details have been signed off.

PEA - Predicted Energy Assessment

There may be occasions when developers will want to sell a dwelling off-plan. In this scenario the PEA can be used up until the point where the dwelling has been completed. When the dwelling has been completed the Predicted Energy Assessment MUST be replaced by the Energy Performance Certificate.